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1  The Technical Lounge . . . / General DIY & How To topics / Ford Escape no go? on: May 05, 2016, 03:29:13 PM
Hi guys. Been a while.
My brother in-law just picked up a used ford escape against my suggestions. Not a ford mind you, just this one. Anyhow, he bought it. I didn't see it so I am not even sure what size engine it has. But he called me miles away and says this thing hasn't got the fire power to get out of its own way. In particular going up (small) hills.

No CEL, no nothing, just doggin' it.

I am fixing to have a look at it tonight, but, I thought others may have a clue as to what may make this turd do what it is doing. Any clues are appreciated. Thanks.
2  The Technical Lounge . . . / General DIY & How To topics / More Fiat woes on: February 28, 2014, 12:53:22 PM
Hiya folks, been a while. Having another problem with the italian.

Last night we were driving in the fiat when I heard thisslowly growing noise coming from the right rear tire area, maybe even closer to the middle of the rear. The best I can describe is a sound like a tire rubbing. As we went faster, the sound got louder. The strange thig was the sound didnt start until we hit about 10mph. I was monitoring it. Before we got to our destination, I told Nancy to turn around and go back home. It was that scary. I called the stealership and asked them if I could bring it in, because the last time I heard something like this they did 100% warranty work on it for a defective bearing. Could that be it again? I hate to take it in and find a huge cost that isnt under warranty, but, if it is a non-covered problem, oh well. The car only has about 15k on the clock, we just had the tires rotated about 2k miles ago when we got an oil change.

Help?  Tongue
3  The Technical Lounge . . . / General DIY & How To topics / Spark plug change on: September 18, 2013, 03:19:20 PM
A couple of weeks ago I went ahead and changed the plugs in the jeep. Nothing overly complex, just took some shots to share.

First step is to disconnect the air filter hose. Easy.

Next, expose the plug rail (not sure of the exact term).

There are four bolts to get and and remove. Again, a litle snug working on them. But, they came out easy.

Now with the plugs exposed, we can figure out how to get my fat fingers into remove them.

Pull the caps, and free them up for removal.

Plugs out, overdue for changing.

I just reveresed the process to replace them. Sorry, no photos of that part.

Well, this wasnt as exciting as Todd's write ups, but, when I get around to the intake manifold gasket replcement on the chevy, that may be more of a story.
4  The Technical Lounge . . . / General DIY & How To topics / Re: Todd's Tech Series - Front hub bearing replacement . . . on: September 12, 2013, 03:43:45 PM
Nice write up again Todd.

I remember chaning my wheel bearing on the BMW several years ago. I had to use a 6 foot iron cheatetr bar to remove the bearing nut. Something like a 38mm or 39mm socket was needed. I am glad I dont have to do that often.
5  The Auto Lounge . . . / General Automotive Discussion / Re: PIX!! you wont believe the exotic/nice cars I saw today!! on: September 12, 2013, 01:14:10 PM
Today my daughter, her boyfriend and I went to see Jay Leno's The Tonight Show.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and they put us in three taped/reserved seats (my daughter credits divine intervention from our guardian angel).  The guests were Charlie Sheen and Jim Rome; both very entertaining. The band, Trombone Shorty even made me feel better about my years of playing trombone in junior high!  But, the best part to me was watching Jay leave the studio in his badass Pantera! 

I look forward to watching it tonight. My east coast family and friends said I appear on screen as one of the last to high-five Jay before his monologue. I'm wearing a red shirt and khakis; yep, proving I have the fashion flair of a Target checkout clerk.

Don't blink, literally do not blink or you'll miss this video I screwed up making that was supposed to include a cool conversation I had with Jay where he told me his Pantera is a '71 and then I told him to let me hear him rev it and he was happy to oblige.

Jeez, he looks as if he almost cannot fit into that car. My God am I jealous. I love those cars. What does it cost to get into the tonight show Dave? I would like to do that before he leaves.
6 Welcome Center . . . / Forum News & Announcements / Re: New ownership on: September 12, 2013, 12:50:32 PM
As Cory was stating, xenforo sounds like a fine piece of software. My main concern was converting over and losing everything. I could not get assurances from neither the xenfor, nor the vBulletin tech help that made me confident enough to go either way. I suppose inaction was as bad as action that resulted in problems. That, and the lack of funds to pay for assistance helped move my decision to pass the site along to someone that has continuously been a moving force on this site. Also, home life has sucked most of the car enthusiasim out of me, because of that, I did want that to have a negative impact on the site. I started this place, I would be rather not be selfish and watch it die, than to pass it along and possibly allow it to grow into what it should be. I believe Todd is just the person to do this.
7  The Auto Lounge . . . / Motorcycles / Re: Some cool old cycles at a local festival on: September 12, 2013, 12:28:52 PM
I have never seen anything like these before. The frames look like they were crafted of sheet steel strips. The engine was an in-line 4 cylinder and looked strange. Oneof the owners fired his up and wanted me to record (movie) with my camera the valve action. I thought I had recorded it but my camera was having a bad day and didnt cooperate. Really amazing. Definetly would own one if I could afford/find one for sale.
8  The Auto Lounge . . . / Motorcycles / Some cool old cycles at a local festival on: September 12, 2013, 10:48:54 AM
I found some Danish bikes at our annual Scandanavian festival.

9  The Off-Topic Lounge . . . / House & Home / Re: Yard Work Season 2013 has begun . . . on: July 29, 2013, 11:00:43 AM
I really like the way your garden looks. I have a lot of possibility with our new home. I wam looking forward to planning and build the yard Nancy and I want. Since most of the effort is still rehabbing the inside, there wont be much to be done outside this season though.

The one thing I plan on starting though is my in-ground BBQ pit. Pics will be shared as I start that maybe next month.
10  The Auto Lounge . . . / General Automotive Discussion / Really "GREAT" big cars on: July 29, 2013, 10:29:28 AM

Damn pictures wouldnt load.  Undecided

Chevrolet Impala1 of 5 Base price: $26,725
MPG: 21 city/31 hwy, with 4 cyl.

Watch: Chevy Impala: Seriously, 'It rocks'

Almost all at once, it seems, full-sized non-luxury cars have become amazing. Consumer Reports just came out with its "Holy cow!" assessment of the new Chevrolet Impala, a car that was, just a few months ago, safely ignorable. Now it's a serious competitor to luxury cars costing tens of thousands more.

Our own assessment of the Impala was right in line with Consumer Reports, and many others. The Impala is nicely designed, the interior is handsome and functional. Like a luxury car, the Impala rides smoothly and quietly while delivering competent handling. The Impala offers a four-cylinder engine option for greater fuel economy. (We tested it with the V6.) No other car in this gallery offers a four cylinder option, but to be fair, some match the Impala's fuel economy with their V6 engines.

All of this vehicular greatness just shows the benefit of competition. Take a look at what the Impala's up against and you'll understand why General Motors (GM, Fortune 500)' designers and engineers had to go all out to have a shot at the top.

Chrysler 3002 of 5 Base price: $30,345 - $48,450
MPG: 19 city/31 hwy, with V6

While the Impala is this year's standout, the Chrysler 300 is the car that originally turned up the heat. Before 2005, industry sources say, exterior design wasn't a major consideration factor among people shopping for full-sized cars. After 2005, it was. Now, let's see, what happened in 2005 that would have made car shoppers think about design? Oh, that was the Chrysler 300's first model year!

With a grill that announced its approach from miles down the road, the 300 had presence to spare. And, with an available Hemi V8, it had the power to match.

As Chrysler suffered through its bad marriage with Mercedes-Benz this car was one of the few bright spots. More recently, as the company struggled for its survival, the 300 had started to fall behind a bit. But the redesigned version, released in 2011 has brought it back.

Like the others, it's a big, comfortable car but with an overt emphasis on performance that sets it apart. Of course, that available V8 does cost you in gas. The V6 engine, teamed with a smooth eight-speed transmission, offers very good performance with better fuel economy.

Hyundai great? 
Hyundai Azera3 of 5 Base price: $32,250
MPG: 20 city / 29 hwy, V6 only

Watch: Hyundai Azera, luxury without the high price

Hyundai is a strange sort of automaker. It makes cars, like the Accent, that compete with Toyota's ultra-cheap Yaris, to the Equus, which goes toe-to-toe with Lexus' luxurious LS, but it sells them all under the same Hyundai name.

Standing right in the middle between those extremes is the new Hyundai Azera.

In some ways the Azera seems even nicer than Hyundai's larger, more expensive models. It's design is certainly sharper and more up-to-date, both inside and out. Hyundai designers even moved the seat controls to the door, just like in Mercedes-Benz cars. The Azera rides nicely and performs decently but it's far from exciting. It has the Impala's smoothness, but not its sense of control.

It has all the features that have become de rigueur in this class including an available panoramic sunroof, a stereo that's probably better than the one in your livingroom and a trunk that looks like you could carry a subcompact in it.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid4 of 5 Base price: $41,400
MPG: 40 city, 39 hwy

Watch: Toyota Avalon leaves retirement behind

The Toyota (TM) Avalon was, until recently, a car with a strange split personality. While the suspension and steering in the last-generation Avalon left the car feeling as slack and numb as a Novacained cheek, the gas pedal was weirdly high-strung. The slightest poke sent the big car jumping like a startled house cat.

The new Avalon feels much more at peace with itself. It's smooth, quiet and controlled. Body motions are subdued while the steering provides enough feedback to give the sense you're firmly in control. It's not exactly sporty but it is satisfying.

The interior is also the nicest, by far, of any Toyota car. It's attractive without being fussy. The model I tested happened to be the Avalon Hybrid, shown above, which offers outstanding fuel economy, at a premium price.

Ford Taurus5 of 5 Base price: $26,700
MPG: 19 city / 29 hwy, with base V6

The Taurus is a really good car that offers the look and feel of a luxury automobile at the price of a Ford, albeit a relatively expensive Ford (F, Fortune 500). Still, It's taken some criticism for being a big car that doesn't seem quite so big inside. It's also taken shots for not feeling quite as light on its feet as some of the others.

There's some truth in all that, especially as the competition keeps getting tougher. But, really, the Taurus is still a great car. It's just not quite as great as some of the others in this gallery.

11  The Auto Lounge . . . / General Automotive Discussion / Nebraska barn find on: July 29, 2013, 10:22:40 AM

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Auction site
12  The Off-Topic Lounge . . . / Culinary Endeavors / Re: So, what's for dinner . . . on: July 19, 2013, 12:19:54 PM
Man. Seasoned fish sounds so good. Still without a stove at my house.
13  The Off-Topic Lounge . . . / Cameras & Photography / Re: The utterly random photo thread. on: June 21, 2013, 09:56:03 AM
What was wrong with it?
14  The Auto Lounge . . . / General Automotive Discussion / Re: I'm carless on: June 21, 2013, 09:32:18 AM
That sounds similar to the malibu we have. But, the plug is on the side of the pan, just hard enough to get to make it a pain in the ass. Open the plug, if fluid drains out, you have enough fluid. Otherwise add as needed. In the meantime, to find out you have enough fluid, you have made an unholy mess everywhere. Engineering brilliance. retards
15  The Technical Lounge . . . / General DIY & How To topics / Re: How many head gaskets? on: June 21, 2013, 09:25:39 AM
Thanks Todd. I guess I may have to take it by a place that can test it for me then. I dont mind (terribly) tearing into the engine. I can replace some other odds and ends that are due for replace ment I suppose. Since I have the jeep toi drive, the chevy can sit for a week or two without any real hardship on us as well.
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